About Hats4Healing

Our Story

Hats4Healing is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing handmade knitted hats for pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Our founder, Sofia Iuteri, began the nonprofit when she was just 16-years-old. Her passion and dedication for helping cancer patients began when she saw her grandmother’s struggle with and death from liver cancer. While Sofia was only 7 years old at the time of her suffering and decline, she understood that her grandmother was lonely, in pain, and cold for much of the time after her diagnosis.

Due to her young age, Sofia was unable to assist her grandmother outside of keeping her company, but this stirred a desire to help others in similar situations. Today, Sofia knits hats for as many cancer patients as possible with the goal of providing them comfort, warmth, and love.

Cancer patients often suffer from being cold due to interferences with their body temperature regulation and hair loss due to various treatments. Handmade knitted hats not only provide cancer patients with warmth, but also the acknowledgment that someone is thinking about and praying for their recovery. We are based in Greenwich, CT and donate to local as well as international hospitals.